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Online Digital Music Stores Offering Revenue Outlet For Indie Bands

Independent bands have found that online digital music stores are a powerful way to showcase their work and generate revenue to keep their art evolving. Rhapsody and Amazon are trying to innovate and use every angle possible to make iTunes the industry leader. Cdbaby is a site that caters to independent musicians and provides several services for up-and-coming bands. Click for source!

Cdbaby is an exclusive service for independent record labels, indie bands and unsigned artists. For a small fee, the company provides full digital distribution services for musicians. Any indie artist or band can submit tracks to iTunes. Apple is basically a record label, distributor and retailer in one.

Affiliates and partners with iTunes earn commission for indie bands. An affiliate with iTunes can earn a band revenue. ITunes encourages artists and indie bands to “Add the best music download store and digital jukebox to their marketing mix.”

This option is a strong competitor to CD retail stores because of its convenience. Online music stores are very popular because they allow music lovers to listen to the full song before purchasing the mp3. Consumers who are interested in the latest media can also find media on these sites, including videos.

Indie bands are attracted to the iTunes marketing strategies, which include gift certificates, Web links, and widgets. Although iTunes is the most popular music download site and jukebox in the world, Cdbaby has carved a niche market for their products.

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