Astrology and gems: effective use

Gems are a familiar name in the world of jewellery and have been so for many years. Gems are used in many different ways by jewelers and gem dealers today, check this out.

Oxford defines “Gem”, a precious gemstone, as being of outstanding beauty and quality. Because it’s a natural organic stone that comes from Mother Earth, this is the reason why Gems are called such. Even though some crystals and artificial pieces of glass also go by the name Gems, these do not meet Gems’ definition. That’s why they won’t appear here.

Prehistoric discoveries of gemstones took place. Indian Puranas make mythological mentions of various gems which were assembled to form the Treasury of Emperors. Gifts of precious stones were made to recognize exemplary achievement in fine arts or warfare. Diamond KOHINOOR – the world’s largest diamond – was transported from India to Britain.

Today, gems can be purchased by the average person. Gem-stitched jewellery is a staple in any woman’s closet.

Gems have long been ornamented. Although their abilities to replace important elements within the human body have been known for centuries, they were not always fully appreciated. The stones are said to be magical, but they have many uses. From curing ailment to gaining wealth.

The Indian Astronomer VARAHAMIHIRA was probably the first to use the word Gems in a Vedic Astrological text. Other works in India, as well those published abroad, resembled the work of their original author. Only modern science and chemical-chemistry revealed the chemical features of natural stones. In addition, they discovered the test to determine whether stones are natural. Also, it was discovered that gems contained a great deal of energy. These stones can substitute for body elements by containing energy vibrations in different colors and at various frequencies.

In the past, the only way to grade and identify Gems relied solely on the eyes of humans. This was a primitive method that was based on a close observation.

Native American doctors and native astrologers tested the effect of different organic gems. These results are amazing. Due to their simplicity, gems could be the most used astrological remedy.

Two main things affect the effects of gemstones. The use of colour concepts and color therapy in healing can also be useful.

In the past, scientists have scientifically proved and documented that different organic Gem stones emit various frequencies of energy. Gemstones emit different vibrations depending on their size, which can be used to correct deficiency problems or to remedy other conditions caused by the lack of vital substances. Panchabootha, or the basic five elements. Earth, Fire Water Water Ether and Air Fire Water are three of the Doshas. Vaatha Pittha Kabha (the three Doshas) are classified according to Ayurveda.

Please allow me to briefly explain how gems have evolved and the many different types of gemstones.


Ruby has always been considered one of the world’s most expensive gemstones. Ruby’s color is beautiful, its hardness is amazing, and it shines with a brilliant brilliance.

India has been called the “home of rubies”. Ruby is considered the sun’s ruler according to Indian classical text. You can use this to offset the Sun’s weak spot in your Horoscope. Sun’s weakness can lead to problems.

1) External and psychological: Insufficient leadership and willpower. The dissatisfaction of superiors or authority, the disappointment in fathers and mothers, and ill feelings towards government are all external factors. and rulers etc.

2) Physiological and internal: -cardiac problems, low blood pressure, lazyness, etc.

Ruby: The Remedies of the Remedy

Ruby of the highest quality should be worn by people with weak Sun. You must carefully check their horoscope. Two carats is the maximum weight for a normal person. For the stone to be mounted in yellow-gold, it must be placed on the ring fingers of the men and women.


When a layer of nacre is covered by a foreign object, forming a natural gemstone called ‘a pearl’, the oyster produces it. Pearls are no longer as expensive or rare. They can be purchased for less than the price of gold and other precious gems. They were rare, because pearls only occured by accident.

Natural pearls are the best for therapeutic and restorative purposes. The cost of cultured or artificial pearls is a fraction. Artificial pearls for astrological use are not advised.

Astrology Remedies

Pearls are the cure for a weak Moon. Pearls can help with emotional issues. Pearls help deal with emotional issues. It is not recommended to wear a pearl if you have bronchitis. A professional Astrologer should be consulted in these cases.

Red Coral

Coral is an organic gemstone made of coral, tiny micro-organisms which colonise in the oceans.

Coral: Uses in Astrology

Care must be taken when using red coral. Coral should be recommended for the positive effects of planet, but not as a protection against their negative ones.


Emerald may be the most impressive gem in Navarathnas. . It is the prince from Navarathnas’ family that has the brightest, most intense shade of green. This beautiful gem is the source of many magical stories.

Vedas, an ancient holy book known to Hindus that mentions its healing powers, is a reference to the Vedas.

South America boasts some of best-quality emeralds. The ancients have venerated this precious stone.

Diamonds and fine emeralds both have their price.

Many of the world’s most famous museums and collections contain these stunning emeralds.


Emeralds are a valuable gem for astrological treatment. These planets usually are not negative and produce positive outcomes except in the case of a functioning malefic.

Yellow sapphire


Sapphires that are crystallized in their purest form do not have any colour. Sapphires can be found in a wide range of colors including yellow, white and green. Pukhraj, the yellow sapphire also known as Pushpa, Pushya, and Pushya in India is called. Blue sapphires are called neelam. Specific gravity is 3.99 with mean refractive indices of 1.765. Hardness is 9. Occurrence Sapphires occur in Australia Brazil Sri Lanka. U.S.A. Nigeria Mexico Zambia Nepal

Using Astrology for:

This is the best stone for the Navarathnas tribe. It brings wealth, intelligence, knowledge, as well the ability of seeing the end. This is the perfect stone for those girls searching for love. Astrologers may recommend this stone to cure physical ailments, such as chronic liver and biliousness. Jupiter is Jupiter’s stone, which represents the largest planet of our solar system.

This increases vision, decreases melancholy and gives one security. Use it to treat diarrhoea. The gold version should be worn in the middle of the month on a Thursday. It should have a weight of at least six grams.


Physical Properties

In its most pure form, diamonds are carbon. The diamond in its purest state is composed of carbon. It has a specific density equal to 3,52, and a refractive mean index of 2,4818.

It is not possible to tell the difference chemically between diamond, graphite or coal. It is the unique atomic arrangement that makes them distinct.

It Occurs

South Africa and Australia are major destinations for diamonds. India contains diamonds from Madhya Pradesh/Orissa, Andhra Pradesh/Orissa and Orissa.


Diamonds must be able to contain inclusions for them to be deemed real. These inclusions are visible to the naked eye and magnified. It is only a zirconia diamond when it doesn’t have visible inclusions like milk patches, black spots, or any other dark area. The only people who are able to find diamonds free from inclusions under magnification is collectors.

This means that the light must be reflected completely from the diamond’s back facets. This is by far the most critical test.

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